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Hello and welcome to my blog, this is my sanctury from real life, a little bit of space for doing what i love, and that's crafting. scrapbook, cards, box's and anything inky. I do follow a lot of blogs as i like the challenges that i find and also the inspiration i get from them, so many talented people with great ideas. So please feel free to leave a comment so i know you have popped by and i can call on you. Sue

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hello everyone i have had a bit of fun covering box's that would normally be thrown away. The top one is  washing powder or i should say the tablet kind box. This is just right for storing your ink pads, it's the right size to hold 12 to 14 with ease. My daughter has taken this one for all the little odds and ends she has. The second box is a shoe box in a very pretty pink, but as it has writing on most sides i cover this with a black and white paper and used promarkers for a little colour. As most of my craft item's are in box's these will fit in very nicely. I really wanted to add flowers and ribbons and things to the tops but then they would not be good for stacking, so i will have to make a few just for the bedroom to hold some costume jewelry.

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starcyl said...

I do like these and they are so useful as they are so sturdy. Should have kept the top one for yourelf but I guess you can always do another!
Jenny x

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